Start 2012 Off On the Right Foot–Invest in Yourself and Reap the Benefits

Posted on Facebook December 27, 2011

Happy holidays everyone!  What are the most common New Years Resolutions that people make??

– Lose weight

– Be a better person

– Save more/make more/get out of debt **********

Guess what?  You can get started on achieving 1 of those 3 resolutions now.  I have 2 Money Mondays workshops starting in January….so start making some plans!

One-day Money Mondays workshop scheduled for Saturday January 7.

10 am- 1 pm at my apartment in Chelsea Heights 🙂  The workshop will focus on creating and sticking to a budget, paying down debt and understanding credit cards.  This is a great way to get your head in the right place to start the new year off right–complete with a budget, tips and resources you can use throughout the year to stay on budget and debt-free.  $40 including class materials and refreshments.

4-session Money Mondays Workshop beginning Wednesday January 11 and ending Wednesday Feb. 8

7 pm- 9:30 pm at my apartment in Chelsea Heights .  The workshop offers a deeper dive into your personal finances, with a focus on creating and sticking to a budget, understanding and getting out of debt, credit cards features, interest rates and gimmicks we fall for, the importance of credit and how to fix your credit score, and more!  We work together through in-class exercises and prep work to develop better and long-standing habits that stick.  $150 including class materials and refreshments.

This is a great way to start off 2012—-setting a budget and learning how to stick to it; setting goals for getting out of debt; improving your credit score; and saving!  

Plus, my workshops focus on and value COMMUNITY so we learn from each other when people share experiences or tips during the workshop–and help to keep each other on-track with on-going follow-ups.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me or call me.  Please pass on to friends, colleagues and distribution lists who might be interested.  Seats are limited so reserve fast!

And Happy and Healthy New Years to you and your families!

** Scholarships/discounts available for those who qualify 🙂


2 responses

  1. Patrick Richwood | Reply

    I would like to attend your workshop this Saturday. I heard about you through my friend Ilyana. Below is my info. Please E-mail the details and I assume I bring $40 when I come, but if otherwise, please advise.

    Thanks and I’m really looking forward to it!


  2. Patrick Richwood | Reply

    Oops, I saw the link after my previous post. All done and confirmed!

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