Stop Stressing and Start Saving!

No guts, no glory!

Do you lose sleep stressing about how you’ll pay your bills at the end of the month?  Are you sick of eating canned tuna and microwave popcorn for dinner?

Or have you established a budgeting system but want to maximize savings and start putting money away for the yacht, penthouse apartment and hair extensions?  Read on…

Money Moxey is a series of interactive workshops focused on personal finance & investing.  Through my workshops, you’ll learn valuable information on personal money management.  You get the basics, set goals and take control!

Most important, Money Moxey workshops are conducted in a casual, relaxed environment. Most are held in my living room, a glass of wine or bowl of turkey chili may be involved, and all sessions are moderated by my Boston Terrier Luella.

Just in time for the New Year, this month, Money Moxey is holding several intensive workshops. What are the most common New Years Resolutions that people make??

– Lose weight

– Be a better person

– Save more/make more/get out of debt **********

Guess what?  You can get started on achieving 1 of those 3 resolutions now.  Check out these upcoming one-day Money Moxey workshops:

Tuesday January 17 6:30-9:30 pm

Saturday January 21 from 10:00 am-1 pm

All workshops held at my apartment in Chelsea Heights 🙂

The workshop will focus on 3 B’s, a C and a D (basically my 8th grade report card) and session topics include:

BANK basics; setting a BUDGET & credit card BILL respect; the importance of CREDIT and how to make it stellar; and managing and eliminating DEBT….

This is a great way to get your head in the right place to start the new year off right–setting and sticking to a budget, understanding your variable and fixed expenses, using the right credit card or cash at point of sale, and staying in control of your personal finances instead of the other way around.  No matter what your financial situation, this course can empower you to take the right steps towards a solid financial future.

-$50 including class materials and refreshments.

In addition, I have a 4-session intensive workshop for those who wish to make goals and need support and accountability to put them into action.

My 4-Session Money Moxey Workshop,

beginning Wednesday, January 25 thru Wednesday February 22, will help you set realistic, attainable financial goals for yourself and will help you create the right process to reach your goals.  These sessions are my alternative to one-on-one sessions–we use class time to learn the basics AND do some practical exercises in class and outside of class put learning into action!

During the 4 sessions, you will learn:

– BUDGETING: How to set and follow a realistic budget; the tools you need to set a budget, know your fixed vs. variable expenses, and learn how to budget towards your financial goals.  Outside of class you will be putting together and learning how to follow a personalized budget.

– CREDIT CARDS: Demystifying credit cards, the varying rates, small print and legal mumbo-jumbo we should know, and smart tips for using credit cards so you control your bills and not the other way around!  Outside of class you will be taking action steps to reduce your interest rates and learn and follow best practices.

– DEBT: Dealing with debt from credit cards, loans, mortgage debt, revolving credit and other bills.  We’ll talk tips for reducing and eliminating debt once and for all–and how to deal with debt consolidators.  Who’s a scammer and who can really help?  Outside of class you will be taking steps to manage & pay down debt, talk to creditors and when necessary seek 3rd party help.

– YOUR CREDIT SCORE: Review your credit reports, fix the problems and know your number, with a focus on what’s in your score and how to keep it stellar.  Outside of class, you will be actively working towards a higher credit score.

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