Don’t Be A Baller

Hey guys–We all know someone who’s high fashion AND highly leveraged–she’s a BALLER! Tune in next week when I profile a couple REAL “shot callers”-women who have worked, saved & invested their way to success! “Are you a BALLER or a SHOT-CALLER?”

Money Moxie

You know her.

She’s the successful independent professional New Yorker that every little girl from Milwaukee wants to be when she grows up.

She’s always dressed to the nines; Theory pantsuits by day, platform Manolo’s and some cleavage showcase from Intermix by night.  She shows up to her hair appointments every six-weeks, heeding the directions of her hairdresser like the most loyal disciple, for her single process, low-lights and hi-lights, Keratin treatments and scalp massage.

Her nails: reverse French manicured, shellaqued, crackeled, and occasionally sporting a Swarovski-adorned manicure, especially around the holidays.  She matches her Birkin to her Balenciaga without being too obvy.  Her designer sunglass collection varies depending on her travel plans.

She lives in a trendy neighborhood, slightly gay, maybe a few strollers, and definitely a gallery on her street.  The barista at the local French café knows how she prefers her soy latte and when she’ll be…

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