Investing Your Gs; 4 Weeks To Becoming Financially Focused And Taking Action!

Want to know what the heck Jim Cramer is hollering about on CNBC?  Or who in tarnation he is?
– Want to learn how high unemployment in Spain may affect you…
– Get your questions answered before you invest in gold bars and Apple stock…
– Become acquainted with Dealbook, WSJ, Mohamed El-Erian, Ben Bernanke and other sources of financial info…
– Are you ready to invest on your own or with an advisor–use Morningstar, Yahoo Finance and other sources– and want to get this party started?

Jim Cramer from "Mad Money"

Knowledge is power in personal finance.  But understanding finance and investing can be a scary uphill battle if you’re trying to learn on your own.  Money Moxie provides small interactive workshops that take the fear out of finance.  We aim to educate and empower women, small business owners, artists and freelancers to make thoughtful, informed decisions about building solid financial futures.

“Investing Your G’s” is a four-part series on understanding the market and investments held every Monday at 7 pm beginning on Monday April 16 until Monday May 7.  In this series, you will learn:

Investing Buzzwords

Public vs. private companies

Stocks, bonds, mutual funds & the rest of the gang

Setting investment goals

Asset allocation and diversification

Fees, transaction costs and other investment charges

How to find a financial advisor or planner

Online investing

Learn how to be money savvy, like this lady!

Sign up for this course if you want to:

– Learn about finances and investing in a casual interactive environment

– Gain the tools to start investing on your own

– Be goal-oriented and better informed at meetings with your financial advisor or planner

– Set financial goals and create a path to reach them.

What are past participants saying about Money Moxie workshops?

“Ms. R is a very knowledgeable and warm presenter.  She makes learning about finances easy, fun and totally non-stressed.”

“Took a workshop with Lena Rizkallah and Money Moxie and am feeling quite empowered even in my poverty ;). Check it out- articulate and entertaining financial insight.”

“I cannot express enough how important this class has been for me! It just got me to be more aware about my financial situation and explained to me topics that were until now completely foreign to me.”

Each session will feature games–that’s right, GAMES!!–class lecture & exercises and Q & A.

The goal is to demystify investing, make it more accessible so that participants have a clear idea of how to set goals and take action!

Class size is limited so please reserve your spot ASAP!  And tell a friend! Sign up here:

**** If you can’t make the Monday night sessions, contact Lena to be added to a list for a possible Tuesday night series.


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