This App Is Soooo Money….Moxie

You know how some of these apps available at the App Store can save you money, time, energy and basically make your life a lot easier? Well I found one such app recently–Happy Hour Finder– that works with Apple products and it’s FREE!

Happy Hour Finder App

My BFF Tamar told me about it and, and being a fan of both deals and happy hour, I had to check it out immediately!

The app is pretty good, with an average 3-star rating at the Itunes App Store, and a 5-star rating from Cosmopolitan Magazine.  The app is really easy to navigate.  It uses your location to find happy hours near you and maps them out with the corresponding deal and times that the happy hour applies.  I used the app near my home in Manhattan, as well as in Brooklyn and in Long Island City.  Plus, it’s nationwide so whether you’re in Austin , TX, Raleigh, NC or Boise, ID, you should be able to find the best deals near you.

There’s another feature on the app that lets you add happy hours in case the Great Happy Hour Finder missed one, and you can contact the makers to tell them how awesome they are!

What’s better than a free app that tells you how and where to get the best deals on drinks?  Maybe an at-home bartender, but that’s about it.


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