Mingle in Raleigh

It was great to meet all the ladies who attended the Money Moxie Mingle in Raleigh on April 10.  Even though it was a Tuesday night and we were talking about personal finance, somehow it turned into a lively event!  Maybe the Trader Joe’s snacks and wine helped to take the edge off–but the ladies were open and interested, questions were flying, people shared their experiences and best practices, and I think we all left just a bit more enlightened.

Based on the interest, we’ll definitely be back in Raleigh with Money Moxie workshops very soon!

Sharing personal finance stories

Plus, we got to play the first ever round of “Bizz Buzz Road Trip” a travel game that also tests your knowledge of financial concepts.  We broke into 3 teams and each team chose a “road trip”–and answered questions to get to their final destination.  The winning team received prizes and coupons furnished by the Empire Group–the company that owns some of the best restaurants in Raleigh!

Some of the topics in Bizz Buzz--official game board coming soon! In the meantime, we love Staples!

Working the room

Thanks again to Jen Bush and my bro Lou Rizkallah for rounding up a great group of ladies, for the awesome space and emergency wine:)  Hope to see you all soon down in North Kakalaki!

The winning team--and their California road trip! Congrats ladies!


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