Moxie Deal of the Week

I came across these fun and versatile planners when the maker Kimbery Palmer @alphaconsumer decided to follow me on Twitter. I checked out her Etsy page and LOVED what I saw!  Kimberly designs planners–from baby to household to budgeting to money planners.  Depending on the planner, you can order the book or booklet version or just purchase the download.  Each planner starts off with questions that make you sit down and think about your goals–and write them down.  Then each chapter takes you through a particular money issue–like budgeting, tax, finding a financial advisor, or checking your credit score.

The font is quirky and fun and the thorough, easy to follow books make financial planning a bit more casual and less intimidating.

I recommend these planners for someone who wants to establish a budget or take charge of her money situation but isn’t comfortable with using or Excel spreadsheets and prefers old-school pen and paper (or typing words and goals onto a computer).  I think they would make great gifts for women heading to college or unfamiliar with personal finance concepts, or someone who wants to track her progress in a user-friendly format.  You can use the binder as a booklet or download and hole-punch it into a 3-ring binder or use it as an App.

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