Your Mid-Year Check-Up

I hate to break it to everyone but 2012 is already half over.  Yup, we are six months into the “new year” and it ain’t so new anymore, is it?  What happened to all those bright and shiny resolutions we all made back in 2011?

Happy New Year!

Ummmm…what resolutions?

If you’re like me, you probably vowed to “get healthy in 2012.”  From January 2 until about the morning of January 21st, I was pretty diligent about hitting the gym.  Then I bought a Groupon for unlimited yoga at a second-rate yoga studio, went to class and got annoyed that the teacher kept admonishing everyone to “speak your truth.” I almost walked out of class when everyone around me responded with “compassion,” “bliss,” “surrender” and other sorts of ridiculousness–and of course never went back for more unlimited yoga. This summer I vowed to “get healthy” by running or biking but if I wake up and the temperature is over 70 degrees outside, I worry that I might get heat stroke.  So…sometimes I do sit-ups while watching “Fashion Police.”

My brother was a pro at making healthy resolutions.  He has since lost weight but for a while his version of “going to the gym and getting healthy” was to sign up for the most expensive gym package, head to Dick’s Sporting Goods and buy the entire line of Under Armour in all colors, including baseball hat, sneaks and water bottle, head back to the gym, take in a steam, get a massage, and then pick up a protein shake on his way out.

Gym rat

Later, over steak at Ruth’s Chris, he would complain about a stiff muscle or whatever from his workout.

Many of us make resolutions to eat healthy too.  After drinks, dessert and all kinds of decadence in December, many of my friends declare January their “detox month.”  No booze, red meat, carbs, sugar or fun for thirty days.  While I am not delusional enough to think I could stick to this type of plan, many of my friends actually make it through!  (Mind you, they are pretty grouchy all month!)  But come February, they are back to their boozy, steak-eating ways.  My question: if you’re not going to change any of your habits–just put them on hold for a month–why punish yourself like that?  Drinking those 16 martinis in February will surely undo any benefits you might have received from abstaining in January.

Killing 2 birds with 1 stone?

And, since this is a money blog, let’s talk money resolutions.  How many of us vow to save more money, take control of our finances, pay off credit cards or put more into retirement?  Where are we with our money goals by July?  Sure, the economy has been tough and despite what they say about positive growth and employment, people are still getting laid-off, trying to make ends meet and struggling with debt. But there are things we can still control about our finances–like setting savings goals, setting and sticking to a budget or putting $50 a month into an IRA.

A friend of mine has a different money problem–she makes a good amount of money, even gets a bonus.  But she doesn’t take the time to learn about investing.  Instead, she gives her bonus money to her brother to invest.  So while she may have an investment portfolio that’s diversified and growing in the market, she has no idea how it’s getting that way, doesn’t know what company stocks she owns, isn’t sure how the portfolio performed last year or how much of the fund is going to fees.  Learning about investing could seem like a big mountain to climb, but it’s YOUR mountain.  Climb it!

Do you know who’s managing your money? Hopefully not this guy…

Since we’re smack-dab in the middle of 2012, now is a good time to review our goals, reset them and recharge how we want the rest of the year to go.  Join me and Joanne Romanelli, a board certfiied Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach for a mid-year break– MIND-BODY-SPRIIT SUMMER RECHARGE on Sunday July 15.

Treat yourself to a summer retreat–spend the morning with us and then head to the beach afterwards! During our session, we’ll talk

– How to break free from cravings, increase energy and make healthy food choices

– How to deal with stress (and even learn some helpful  breathing exercises) on a physical and spiritual level

– How to set money goals and deal with finances in a funky economy

– Even learn some cool yoga poses and belly dancing moves!

For more information and to register, check out the invite.  Do it for yourself–and make the next six months count!  And tell your friends!

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