Your Deal on Wheels

A co-worker recently told me about a great app that offers incentives, coupons, deals and current info on restaurants, shops, events and all kinds of other stuff in various cities.  Scoutmob is an app available for Android, Iphone and even Grandpa Blackberry!  The app is free and the deals are available in select cities like Atlanta, Austin, Boston, New York, Miami, Washington DC and Seattle.

The app works similar to Groupon and Living Social.  Users purchase deals from Scoutmob offered by local businesses  but instead of printing the voucher or downloading the app, the Scoutmob coupon is redeemed on the user’s phone. The idea is to support local businesses but also to simplify the use of these deals.  It’s for breezy, tech-savvy folks like you and me.

So, say you live in Washington, DC and want to know what’s happening this weekend–Scoutmob will let you know about cool events in your area and what deals are available.  Say you’re visiting NYC but you’re on a budget–Scoutmob will let you know about any deals, you purchase them and then use them at your leisure.  What’s more, unlike Groupon and Living Social, you do’t have to mess with vouchers–Scoutmob keeps track of your deals and simplifies the process.  Check it out!

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