Credit Card Tips & Montauk Sunsets

One of the best aspects of being an entrepreneur and running my own business is the ability to work from anywhere in the world (with an internet connection).   It’s always been a dream of mine to have the freedom and flexibility to combine my favorite passions–travel, adventure, the beach, meeting new people– with my nerdy side (yay personal finance!  retirement rocks!)  But of course there are the pros and cons of running your own business.  The income fluctuates, uncertainty abounds, insomnia is my poker buddy, rejection is like the sugar in my coffee.  When it comes to having a thick skin and not let negativity bring me down, my skin is like the dense stinky Arizona-style naugahyde that our parents favored for their lounge furniture in the ’70s.


On the other hand, I can hightail it out to Montauk for the week at the end of the summer, and get work done beach-side, with plenty of time to catch some crazy waves and watch the amazing Montauk sunsets.  Not a bad situation if you ask me.

Gorgeous smorgeous!

Being a small business owner comes with its challenges and rewards.  Every day is an adventure.  Many small business owners have hefty start-up costs or even on-going costs that they have to factor into the cost of doing business.  To obtain access to cash to pay for materials, make payroll or pay marketing costs, many business owners turn to banks for business loans or a line of credit.  But when credit is hard to come by (as has been the case in recent years), many business owners opt to use credit cards to cover their necessary costs.

Here is a great article from“Financing your small business with credit cards: A capital idea?” —  that discusses best practices for business owners to use credit cards.  And watch for some information and quotes from yours truly!


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