Money Moxie Fall Calendar of Events: There’s something for everyone!

With only four more months to go in 2012, there’s still time to fulfill your financial goals.  If you’ve been to past Money Moxie workshops or events, you know that we specialize in casual, non-coma-inducing, interactive workshops on personal finance.  Money Moxie has some great events scheduled for the fall so be sure to check out our event calendar below. 

First things first, location.  We’ve partnered with Drifter Creative, a film production company with awesome space conveniently located steps from Union Square.  All of our workshops, cafes, salons and bootcamps will be held here:  39 West 14th Street Suite 503 between 5th and 6th Avenue.

Next, the calendar. Every month, we are offering a “The Basics” Workshop to all newcomers who are interested in getting their finances in order and learning more about investing.  All attendees of the free workshop will also receive a $10 coupon off your next Money Moxie Workshop!

Our workshops will focus on credit card respect, debt management, your credit score and investing.  We’ll have suggested reading/prep-work, an in-class lecture with outline and in-class exercises, games and group questions.  The goal is to get to understand our spending, saving and investing habits, make the right changes, and also learn from others.

Register here for workshops:

This summer, we launched a Summer Salon Series which was a big hit, and we’re beginning a new Fall Salon Series!  Essentially, a salon is forum for people to debate and discuss a topic–usually based on economics, finance or politics–in a fun, collegial environment.  Think of it as a “smart happy hour”–we provide the refreshments, topic and suggested reading and then a forum to debate the different angles of a topic.  It’s a great way to learn more about a topic and meet new people.  And we will be highlighting a lot of election year topics!  Register for the Fall Salon Series here:

Starting this fall, we are launching a new type of event called a Cafe.  A cafe is an informal group discussion on a more personal topic–like how to get a dream job, negotiate a salary or promotion, save for a splurge, or prepare to purchase your first home.  We’ll have suggested reading and discussion and also have experts join us for certain Cafes.  Oh, and we’ll provide some amazing java so we can have some real cawfee tawk.  Register for the Cafes here:

Since retirement planning is super important for everyone, we also offer an all-day Retirement Bootcamp each month this fall.  We’ll discuss retirement planning basics, the various plans available and best practices.  This is an event you should NOT miss, even if you’re already making contributions to a retirement plan.  Registration coming soon!

We’ll be making changes and additions to the calendar– so be sure to check back and feel free to shoot us an email with topics you’d like to see covered.  And PLEASE share with your friends and networks!

*** And don’t miss the Election Viewing Party on Election night as well as other Money Moxie Mingles TBA soon!


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