What To Do About Sandy

Hurricane Sandy, you’re a jerk.  While I like having an extra day off of work, I usually enjoy a day off when the sun is shining and stores are open.  As it stands now, I am refilling water bottles, collecting candles, charging my cell and eating my way through the fridge.  NY1, our local news station, keeps me updated on every borough and I’ve seen the same image of water lapping the boardwalk of Coney Island about 17 times.  I just spent about 30 minutes vacuuming my 500 square foot apartment, and I have 4 loads of laundry–mostly cushion covers, bath mats and stuff I don’t care about normally–swishing around downstairs.  I’m bored.

Friends are calling and texting and we’re all trying to maybe kinda if possible strategize about getting together somehow.  But also afraid of getting stranded.

Gloomy Highline

They’re telling us that things are about to get cray in a couple of hours, so here are things I plan to do before the lights go out in NYC:

1. Take a walk by the river and survey the rising water

2. Do yoga

3. Eat leftover Indian food

4. Do about 45 minutes of work (ie. check Facebook and Twitter)

5. Cook this amazing chicken dish with squash, mushrooms and tomatoes

6. Watch last night’s episode of ‘Homeland’

7. Eat leftover chili

8. Drink some wine

9. Check Facebook and update my status a couple of times

10. Talk on the phone with every long-lost friend since high school

11. Take NY1 off mute and listen for 10 minutes and then yell at the TV

12. More wine

13. ‘Work’ (Tweet)

14. Give myself a mani-pedi-mask

15. Listen to my drunk downstairs neighbors fight

16. Eat some cheese and crackers with olives and wine, then the rest of the ice cream in the freezer, then make a salad to make myself feel better.

By then, it will probably be about 3 pm and I will have to make another to-do list.

On the Money Moxie side of things, here are some things to do before the lights go down in Georgia:

1. Organize monthly bills

2. Organize desk and filing cabinets

3. Switch out summer/fall/winter closet

4. Collect old clothes to donate to charity

5. Make a holiday budget

6. Clean out fridge and throw away old/expired food

7. Review 401k and IRA statements, check balance and compare with last 2 quarters; do some research on funds by going to morningstar.com

8. Catch up on “Dexter”

While I like getting my home and finances organized, I think this might juts be a day for #8.


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