Twas The Night Before The Election-A Poem

Twas the night before the election, and all through the land,

The people were wondering,”Of the two guys running–which one can l stand?”

Between Romney and Obama, the contest seems tight

After their fiesty debates, it seems more like a fight!

The people were divided about who was the best

The guy who plays basketball or the guy in the vest?

Which was more honest, which was a crook?

Was the incumbent an American, like he wrote in his book?

The people blasted their opinions and tweeted their thoughts

Reading Op-eds From Fox News to Huff Post, connecting the dots.

Articles were forwarded from sister to colleague to friend

Arguing why Obama’s right for the economy in the end.

Others disagreed saying the country needs a change

Smaller government, bigger military and a lower tax range.

Still others were undecided and just wanted some fun

They mocked and rolled their eyes, mumbling “Can’t wait til this is done.”

Celebrities endorsed their favorite candidate

George Clooney! Lindsay Lohan? Ironic that they can decide fate!

Donald Trump…

What a chump!

And as the campaign progressed and things got pretty heated

Friends became enemies over whether the Prez should be unseated.

People argued their beliefs in the streets, hallways and on Facebook

Suddenly opposed to big oil or food stamps-or any tax haven nook.

Wall Street and Main Street were divided again

No to mention the 1%, the 47%, the rights of women.

The comics and late shows came up with their best satire

To poke holes in the platforms and influence who should retire.

From the imitations, sketches and sarcasm of SNL

To the “get out and vote video” by Will Farrell.

The message is clear and the message is right

The future of America will be decided tomorrow night!

Whether you think with your head and vote with your heart

Or the other way around, there’s no one way that’s smart.

Just get to your polling station and cast your vote

It’s a right and a privilege–and it’s free I might note!

But no matter who wins-Democrat, Republican (or Green)-one thing is for sure

Enough with the smack talk and promises, he must be a doer!


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