Meet Lena Rizkallah – Money Moxie

Pop-up personal finance, workshops and events! At Money Moxie our mission is to provide practical, timely education on personal finance and investing that gives you confidence and inspires you to take control of your money.

Our blog posts have also been featured in GoldenGirlFinance.com, GoGirlFinance.com, Women 2.0.com, Elan Magazine, Bankrate.com, CreditCards.com,  Trusts & Estates Magazine, WealthManagement.com, REP Magazine and more!

A recovering attorney, Lena has over 14 years of  experience in the financial industry. She writes, speaks and consults with financial advisors, attorneys and their clients on finance, estate & trust planning, charitable giving, retirement and tax policy.   She also provides workshops, bootcamps, seminars and webinars on personal finance topics with the goal of helping people learn to prioritize and take charge of their financial future.  A nerd by nature, she has a knack for taking dry, technical, comatose-inducing information and delivering it an energetic, engaging, even enthusiastic way.  To find out how and why she switched from law to finance, take a gander at this: https://moneymoxie.wordpress.com/2012/06/22/how-to-recover-from-immigration-law-switch-to-finance/ .

You can find her professional bio on her consulting website at http://www.MosaicConsultingOnline.com.

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